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Transference, 2021
Interdisciplinary art exhibition 

poetry and installation 






The exhibition consists of five sculptural movements connected as one installation. Together Alastair Hesp and performance group Kant Fabrik (DK) have created a sensuous installation that moves through fragile states of poetic creation, with the aim of inviting the audience into a concealed process. 



Voice in a Room, 2022
Winner of the Rosamund Prize 


Voice In a Room is a piece born from a collaboration with musician and composer Alice Brookes. The piece explores nuances in repetition and reversed, flipped and backwards text.

"Alastair and I worked together on this piece in preparation for the 2022 Rosamond Prize. We were thrilled to have won the competition but moreover are humbled to have met each other and established a strong and continuing collaborative relationship."

- Alice Brookes




Aorta, 2022/23

Choreographic sound-poetic performance
Forthcoming project with Kant Fabrik



Lausitzer Sessions, 2015

In the small hours of 6th August 2015,

Alastair Hesp and experimental percussionist 

Tatu Rönkkö performed and recorded in Emmaus-Ölberg church in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

These recordings are what emerged.


Unwindowed cellars I

Unwindowed cellars II

Into The Void reading, 2020
Immigration Applicant #884

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